Main Types of Stream Overlay

New platforms are always open to many people. They have different interpretations when it comes to such platforms. Lest have a look at the common types of stream overlay graphics or Twitch overlays.


It is a small thumbnail or icon that appears on your profile and the profile banner. Due to the limited space, you are advised to use pictures or initials on the avatar.avarter


Stream alerts are the little things which pop up on the screen when people subscribe, follow, host, or donate or give bits. Services outside twitch provide them. Twitch overlay is helpful in providing graphics that can be used with these services.

Cam overlay

Most people do not enjoy the amount of space occupied by a sternward overlay. They are interested in keeping the little things simple. Cam overlay is helpful in placing styling around the webcam. It also features a few slots that are used in highlighting the social media or follower’s information.

Screen collections (stream screens)

This is one of the unusual terms that new streamers come across. It can mean different things. It refers to those transition screens that people see when they are watching a stream. They are big graphics which can fill the entire screen. Some of the most popular transition screens include stream starting screens, right back screens, stream offline a screen and stream ending screens. They are provided in sets hence the term screen collections.

Profile banner

It is the big graphic that is seen at the twitch’s top profile. It is the one that contains your name and some social media information. You can also find them on YouTube.

Profile panels (profile graphics)

This is another unusual term. It refers to the images added to the user’s profile info. They are mainly added below the player’s channel page. Sometimes they are treated as headings. The user can write his or her text below these images. They are also seen as top-to-bottom

Stream package (full stream package)

This is fairly obvious to many people. It refers to those things that are mentioned on the user’s page. In most cases, they are combined into a single download. They are meant to provide the user with everything that is needed whenever they are personalizing the different aspects of their channels. Sometimes you may come across a package that does not have a lobby overlay. However, most of them do have them.