Ways on How to Clean Piano Keys

hand in keyboard

The first thing that they notice about the keyboard or a piano is the keys. Woefully, the keys appearance allows the dust, fingerprints, and dirt to display it openly. Cleaning the keys is then a significant way to maintain your keyboard in a presentable and in excellent condition. Here is some efficient cleaning procedure that you can use on both ivory and plastic piano keys to keep them shine again. Piano companies also give some methods to do the same you can even read more on their website to find some other ways.

How to clean the plastic keys

Blend up the cleaning solutions

pianoGet a bucket of hot water and add some drops of the recommended mild dish soap. These are the most crucial step make sure that you mix the soap well with the warm water. For a perfect solution, you can apply the use of a mixer to avoid messing up with this step. A good mixture is likely to provide an ideal result so take all your time to have this perfect stage one.

Dip a soft duster to the solution

By use of your hand wring the duster thoroughly in the cleaning solution from steps one. It is very crucial to make sure the duster is only damp and not wet. Failure to this water can drain into the keys and cause some internal damages. As you know, not all electronics part with all the oxides from the stream. Try to make use of white duster. Because if you use some colored type, there is the possibility of dye from the cloth to the key and introduce a new color. Make sure the duster is soft, and it has a high ability to suck in water in case some traces of water run through the piano.

Clean the keys

Using your hand without pressing hard, brush up the keys front to back. Make sure you swipe traces of water away from the piano body that is why I recommend from front to back. Do not rub side to side as this can leave moisture and dust between the keys. Also do not swipe backward as this can drive dirt beyond the essentials.

Black keys cleaning

This crucial because if you use the same cloth, you use to clean the white keys can transfer some dirt from extended key to the black once to avoid this use a separate towel. Remember black paints typically are easy to take some colors and bring some stains to the white keys. Apply the same front to back brushing motion but do not press hard. Make sure you avoid all the swiping that I have just mentioned in step two above.

Finalizing the cleaning

piano Use a dry and a clean duster to wipe away traces of water and some residue of the soap. Make sure that the cleaning cloth you use must be soft and fresh to avoid introduction of dirt again to the keys and make a zero work. Make all the steps to the perfect for a perfect result. More cleaning tips are available on the piano cleaning guide.